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Our commitment and high effectiveness in business development, initial model agreed with our client Orexplore, has marked the opening of the Latin American market and the company's entry into the exploration business. Accompanied by a successful journey of developments, innovation, and technology, 
 Orexplore finally launches GeoCore X10® and Orexplore Insight®, giving a great step. It was now possible to scan drill cores at high speed, and geologists could be fed 3D models of the X-rayed drill cores via computer screens, no matter where they were in the world.
The time was also right to launch several test projects onsite, receiving remote results via Orexplore Insight® in just 15 minutes.


Aquatic Life provides is a smart, remote water monitoring platform, Aquahive that provides real-time data analysis – even from the world’s most isolated and volatile locations – right to your desk or smartphone. Using Aquahive’s powerful and vast selection of industrial sensors, you can ensure environmental compliance, create historical databases, and reduce your operational costs via real-time technology.

Aquahive supports the environmental initiatives of modern mining through autonomous data collection, analysis and reporting. It lets you know what’s happening, and when it’s happening, including critical events



We are exclusive representatives of the FanTR ventilation brand in Chile, carrying out the work of introducing the company into the national market. FanTR (Fan Technology Resources), is a Brazilian ventilation company with more than 30 years of experience in the development and marketing of axial fans for mining, tunnels and underground spaces. Among its differentials as a company are comprehensive customer support, deep knowledge of aerodynamics, mastery of vibration and noise control technologies, and manufacturing of composite material blades. FanTR is the No. 1 company in the underground ventilation market in the mining sector in Brazil and more than 80% of its production is exported to all regions of the world.