We can provide with Preliminary Business Development, understand Customer needs, Competition, Substitutes

Early opportunities, and assist in defining an Entry Strategy


Checker Group develops with you a Sales Opportunities Pipeline reporting periodically its advances to close and deliver trials, pilots, and full deployments.

Price Strategy review, Market readiness, Product & Service readiness


We prepare Regional Sales forecasts and Board Reports. Also we manage your Local Team (sales, technical support, after sales, warehouse, etc).


We can provide the local support necessary for Product Introduction (Pilot, Trials, etc), taking care of the Local delivery,  International and local logistics


Our Customers

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We provide Local Entity Readiness, in other words, through our partners we take care of Legal personality, Tributary and legal aspects, as well as finding the right resources, people, location, among others.

Led by professionals with years of experience and specific knowledge in different areas of the industry, allows us to deliver a comprehensive service or in a specific area, in areas such as business development, benchmarking, comprehensive ventilation systems, instrumentation, monitoring, drilling, blasting, water management, water quality and flow analysis.


Business Development Services

A local sales team has a deep understanding of the local market, including the cultural nuances, competitive landscape, and regulatory environment. This knowledge enables them to develop targeted sales and marketing strategies that resonate with local customers and drive revenue growth.

What we provide?


A local sales team can respond quickly to customer inquiries and requests, which is important in today's fast-paced business environment. Being able to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs can help to differentiate a company from its competitors and drive customer loyalty.

A local sales team can build relationships with local customers, partners, and vendors, which is critical for business development. Relationships are built on trust, and having a local presence helps to establish that trust with customers, who are more likely to do business with companies that have a local presence.

A local sales team can develop customized solutions for local customers, based on their unique needs and requirements. This helps to create a competitive advantage, as companies that offer tailored solutions are more likely to win business and retain customers over the long term.

In-depth knowledge of the local market:

Faster response times:

Customized solutions:

Building relationships:

A local sales team, an essential Business Development component